Here at Columbia Energy, we encourage our employees to make safety a priority in any task they are engaging in. Whether it is through an anonymous suggestion or face-to-face interaction, we want our staff to feel comfortable addressing issues and recommending solutions to our safety committee and manager. Having a safety program with open communication is necessary in order for us to improve and maintain a safe working environment.

Recently, there was a safety concern regarding the shared and opened doorway between our fabrication room and machine shop.  Due to the welding, grinding, and sanding the noise in the fabrication area was affecting the machinists. Interestingly enough, mechanists rely on their hearing to help them when performing their tasks. With the loud noises from the fabrication shop, it was difficult for the machinists to safely and effectively perform their job. Along with the noise, the dust from the fabrication shop was altering the safety of the machinists too. The concern was expressed to the safety manager, which was then brought to the company safety committee. Shortly after the issue was brought to their attention the problem was addressed by adding industrial PVC door strip curtains to the fabrication shop. By installing the curtains in the doorway between the two shops the machinists were able to safely and effectively perform their duties without the distractions. The curtains help keep out the dust and muffle the incoming sounds tremendously, keeping the machine shop much quieter.

This is a great example of how Columbia Energy handles employee safety. We try to address any concerns or issues as quickly as possible to ensure a safe workplace at all times. We encourage all of our employees to be pro-active in finding ways to make their jobs as safe as they can be.

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