The Columbia Energy Test Center (CETC) is located at 2701 Salk Avenue in Richland, Washington just one mile South of Hanford. Our test center has accommodated multiple testing projects for nuclear facilities.

Amenities include:

  • 8-acre site with room for expansion
  • 38 ft high testing platform
  • >240,000 lb platform loads
  • 20,000 sq. ft. indoor testing facility
  • 12,000 sq. ft. high-bay fabrication facility
  • 3200 amp Electrical Service
  • Heavy lifting capability
  • High-pressure water service

Test Platform

The test center is available to test equipment and train operators. It includes a 40 x 70 foot main platform which stands 38 feet high and can handle equipment loads of up to 240,000 lbs. It can also provide 2,000 amps of power and a water supply of up to 200 gallons per minute. This platform was designed and built to essentially test in-tank equipment. Testing equipment for tanks is limited because once the equipment is inside the tank, it is difficult to visualize how it is operating. The open platform built by Columbia Energy allows tank equipment to be mounted at the top and lowered down below so that operators can visually determine accuracy of the equipment.

The test platform offers new capability to DOE and its prime contractors enabling nuclear-grade rigor and quality to be achieved with commercial cost and schedules. This shows our continued commitment to WRPS, our mentor company and the larger DOE mission. We see this as a necessary investment in our ability to be of value as a service provider and an employer in this region for years to come.
— Brian Brendel, Columbia Energy President
It [Columbia Energy Test Center] helps CEES ultimately provides new and important capabilities to the DOE complex.
— Scott Sax, WRPS Project Operations Manager Process Control Laboratory

We also have a Process  Control Laboratory where we design and test the monitory, automation tools, and control technologies.