We have extensive experience in designing for remote deployment and operations in high radiation and hazardous environments. In addition, we have experience in meeting design requirements for nuclear, chemical, and hazardous waste applications.


Columbia Energy designed and constructed the first-of-its-kind Mobile Arm Retrieval System (MARS) – Bulk for Washington River Protection Solutions. The MARS bulk system was designed to dislodge and retrieve hardened radioactive material within single-shell tanks (SST) by using high-pressure spray nozzles in an end-effector located at the end of a telescoping arm and a centrally located slurry transfer pump. Read More on MARS Bulk.

MARS Vacuum

Columbia Energy designed and constructed a second MARS configuration for high level waste tanks with suspected leak sites. The MARS-Vacuum mobilizes waste using high-pressure, low-volume spray nozzles on an end-effector assembly fitted with an eductor-driven vacuum head. This configuration reduces the volume of water added to the tank environment at any one time and minimizes additions of free standing liquids. Read More on MARS Vacuum.

Core Drilling System

Columbia Energy was contracted by Washington River Protection Solutions to design, fabricate, and test a prototype core drilling system for cutting a 55-inch hole in Hanford nuclear waste tank C-105. The Core Drilling System was successfully implemented in the field on June 5, 2013. Read More on Core Drilling System.