MIEES is Completed!

Columbia Energy’s Engineering and Fabrication team completed design, fabrication, testing of the Mobile Instrument/Electrical Skid (MIEES) for Savannah River Remediation (SRR).  The MIEES is a module skid that interfaces with the Saltstone Dipsosal Unit (SDU 6) currently being built at the Savannah River Department of Energy Site in Aiken, South Carolina. 

The MIEES provides electrical power service and fiber optic network to the 210Z-ICR Distributed Control System (DCS) to operate pumps, valves, take thermocouple readings and control camera systems for the SDU 6 Mega Tank.  The MIEES contains the DCS panel, Motor Control Center, transformers and power distribution panels for the system mounted on a modular and mobile roofed structure.  In addition to the MIEES, Columbia Energy procured and fabricated junction boxes and a remote level switch that will be installed at the SDU 6facility.

The MIEES is equipped with lighting panels and 120 VAC receptacles.

Columbia Energy is proud to have completed this critical component for SRR with efficiency and timeliness.  The MIEES arrived at the Savannah River Site 8 days ahead of the contractual date.

The client was very pleased and overall satisfied with the final project.  The MIEES has been installed at the SDU 6 facility and is scheduled to operationally tested with the entire system in early October 2015.