Columbia Energy Fabrication Team Finishes Work on the AY-102 Splitter Box

Columbia Energy’s Fabrication team has just completed fabrication, testing, and delivery of the AY-102 Splitter Box for Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS). The Splitter box is being installed between AY-102 and AP-102 inside Hanford’s AY Tank Farm to support waste retrieval activities from AY-102.

The splitter box allows selection of any combination of sluicers and facilitates simple and efficient routing of waste through the transfer line to allow retrieval of the waste. The Splitter Box also provides pressure monitoring, flow monitoring, and flow control (all of which can be observed from the POR399-WT-TRLR-001 control trailer). Double valve isolation is provided on the slurry and supernatant manifolds to isolate all possible flow paths from one another. The POR385-WT-DB-001 Splitter box also serves as one of the collection points in the system for leakage channeled by the secondary HIHTL encasement. Leak detection located in the box will set off alarms and shut down the transfer pumps upon the accumulation of liquid in the box. A sump pump is installed in the box that can be used to pump any liquid accumulation into the valve manifold.

This is the second splitter box that Columbia Energy has fabricated for WRPS but this fabrication included 4” thick shielding walls and lid and is 16’ 9” long by 9’ 6” wide by 4’ 10” tall without the handrails and stairs. The last splitter box had  3” thick shielding walls and lid and was 11’ 9” long by 7’ 0” wide by 4’ 10” tall without the handrails and stairs .

Columbia Energy is proud to have completed this critical fabrication for WRPS with efficiency and timeliness. The splitter box shipped within a week of the due date despite critical GFE showing up 2 months later than requested in the proposal.

The client was very pleased and overall satisfied with the final project:

“Congratulations on a job well done!!  We appreciate the focus and dedication of the team members on both sides of the contract!  We could not be successful without this kind of performance!” –  Joan M. Connolly, AY-102 Recovery Project

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