• Engineering and Design
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • On-site System Testing
  • Supporting Documentation including Maintenance and Troubleshooting instructions written in laymen’s terms for end user
  • Delivery

Design Features

  • Hardwired by use of interposing relays, switches, contactors
  • Cord and Plug configuration with cords surface (ground) routed in cable protectors
  • Outfitted with camera monitoring system

Columbia Energy designed and built a Glovebox Assembly to be transported to Libya.  Columbia Energy developed detailed panel drawings, one line diagrams, and wiring diagrams.  Electrical configuration of the Glovebox is a Cord and Plug with cords surface (ground) routed in cable protectors.

Columbia Energy assembled the switch gear and distribution equipment based on the design of its transfer switch, distribution equipment, circuit breaker, cables, and receptacles.

Instruments were calibrated with an NIST traceable certificate of calibration.  The Glovebox Assembly was tested at our Columbia Energy testing facility.  We submitted a Performance Test Procedure to confirm functionality followed by a Test Report.

Columbia Energy developed Maintenance and Troubleshooting instructions.  These we wrote in laymen’s terms to assist the end user.


  • 400/220 VAC (50 Hz) diesel generator and second identical backup generator
  • 2 pan, zoom, tilt cameras
  • 3 stationary cameras
  • Instruments calibrated with NSIT traceable certificate of calibration


  • U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  • Parsons Government Services, Inc. (PGS)