Columbia Energy offers a modeling program, known as the EndPointTool, that models Hanford tank waste retrieval and treatment scenarios.  This Excel-based (Microsoft® Office 2007 or later) model provides a discrete event model to schedule tank waste processes.  It uses time assigned “Events” on a tank-by-tank basis and assesses resources for calculated processing durations; permits the evaluation of “choke points” and performance tradeoffs.  The output “Events Lists” results in multiple formats and allows graded application of constraints and time intervals.

The EndPointTool models thirteen different processes.  Processes can be added and tailored as needed. The EndPointTool implements the Hanford Best Basis Inventory (BBI) for our customer’s convenience.  It also displays multiple status/progress metrics for conveying results; examples include:

  • Process Timeline
  • DST volume usage over time
  • LAW sodium disposed in final waste form
  • HLW oxides (MT) in final waste form
  • Activity (Ci) to final waste form

EndPointTool is a powerful planning resource; it runs on Microsoft Excel making it quite portable.  Test runs show that over 600 Events will process all of Hanford tank waste. Each event takes approximately 3 seconds to run (1.8 GHz CPU with 512 MB RAM), 600 event run takes approximately 30 minutes.  This tool provides extensive scenario planning and process optimization is therefore possible with the EndPointTool.

Key Interfaces

  • Client-defined Strategy
  • User-composed Events
  • Workbook Calculations
  • Visual Basic Macros
  • Data, Processes, and Assumptions
  • Property Models