• Mechanical Engineering
  • Design and Drafting


  • ASME B31.3
  • IBC 2012

Software Used

  • Bentley AutoPIPE Nuclear Version
  • AFT Impulse
  • AFT Fathom

Columbia Energy was contracted by Washington River Protection Solutions, LLC (WRPS) to analyze design modifications to the Floway vertical turbine pump to be installed in the AZ-01A pump pit at the Hanford Site north of Richland, WA.  Waste transfers in and out of the 241-AZ Tank Farm are required to support upcoming evaporator campaigns in order to reduce the total tank waste volume stored in the double-shell tanks (DST).  To support waste transfers, a new pump and pump adapter plug are to be installed and the jumpers in the AZ-01A pump pit were to be replaced.

The pump discharge was modified from a vertical plutonium-uranium extraction (PUREX) nozzle to a horizontal PUREX nozzle orientation.  Three new jumpers and a pump adapter plug were designed for installation in the AZ-01A pump pit to support the installation of the new pump assembly.  Columbia Energy evaluated the new jumpers and the pump adapter plug for compliance with WRPS procedures and requirements and developed inputs for the ASME B31.3, Process Piping, analysis documented in RPP-CALC-57549, ASME B31.3 Analyses of the AZ-01A Pump Pit Jumpers.  Columbia Energy calculations documented:

  • Pump inlet length evaluation
  • Jumper assemblies and pump adapter plug weights and centers of gravity
  • Pump adapter plug lifting and weld analysis
  • Jumper assemblies lifting bail weld analysis
  • Pump rocking seismic evaluation
  • Shielding and dose evaluation
  • Flow model analysis from the AP Tank Farm service water building, through the AZ-01A pump pit piping, and into tank 241-AZ-102
  • Pump Assembly TFC-ENG-STD-25, Transfer Pumps,compliance evaluation
  • Material compatibility assessment


  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS)
  • Office of River Protection (ORP)